2015 Campus Teacher of the Year

Campus Teacher of the Year
Posted on 01/14/2016
Ms. AumanThe 2015-2016 building teacher of the year at Mendel Elementary is Ms. Auman.  She stated in her teaching philosophy that “being a teacher is more than data, worksheets, grades, and textbooks.  As a teacher we are given the greatest gift in a parent’s live: their children.  We are given a chance to help grow these children in so many ways such as knowledge, love, and so much more.  An outstanding teacher is a person who digs deeper and gets to know every student for who they are.  They get to know how the child learns, what makes the child tick, and what the child dreams and imagines.”  Ms. Auman’s greatest reward as a teacher is to have learned children's quirks, imaginations, pain, fears, and so much more.  She loves getting to know not only the students in her classroom but also the ones outside her classroom. Ms. Auman