St. Patrick’s Day Race

St. Patrick’s Day Race
Posted on 03/26/2018
Students competed to see who the fastest runner was in each grade level
St. Patrick’s Day Race
This month, Coach Linda Nigro held a St. Patrick’s Day race. Students in each grade level ran a race course to determine the fastest runners in each grade. The students raced wearing a shamrock on their shirt. The runners below were awarded a t-shirt.

1st Grade Boys: Andrew G.
1st Grade Girls: Esli C.
2nd grade Boys: Steven M.
2nd Grade Girls: Jasmine C.
3rd Grade Boys: Adrian V.
3rd Grade Girls: Alyana C.
4th Grade Boys: Elijah H.
4th Grade Girls: Julie M.

Congratulations to all our students who participated!

St. Patrick's Day Runners